Service-Disabled Veterans Insurance for Veterans with Service-Related Disability


US Veterans who had an existing disability obtained while in service can have a life insurance benefit known as the Service-Disabled Veterans Insurance (S-DVI).

In order for the Veteran to be eligible for the S-DVI, he must meet the subsequent conditions:

  • has a VA-granted service-related disability although assessed at 0%;
  • has applied in two years’ time from the date of notification from VA on the new service-related disability; and
  • in good health in spite of the service-related disability.

A Veteran who was granted an individual non-employability because of an earlier-assessed condition or an existing service-related disability cannot apply for S-DVI.

All S-DVI policies have a $10,000 maximum face amount.

Veterans can also apply for added Supplemental Insurance Coverage with the following conditions:

  • has an S-DVI policy;
  • premiums on basic coverage were waived by VA because of complete disability;
  • has applied for the supplemental S-DVI in a year’s time after receiving the waiver notification; and
  • is below 65 years old.

After receiving the waiver eligibility on the primary policy, the insured Veteran has a waiting time of up to one year to apply.  Supplemental S-DVI coverage premiums are not subject for waiver due to complete disability.

The S-DVI Premium Rates

S-DVI coverage premium rates are dependent on the Veteran’s age, the type of plan (whether permanent or term), and the coverage amount.  A Veteran may apply to have his premiums waived if he qualifies for the primary S-DVI coverage and is completely disabled.


How to Apply for Primary S-DVI

  1. The VA From 29-4364 (Application for Service-Disabled Veterans Life Insurance) and the Notice of Disability Rating will be given to a Veteran with a granted service-related disability.
  2. The Veteran must submit the form in two years’ time from the date he received the VA notification that he was granted the new service-related disability.
  3. He can also apply online through the AutoForm application.

How to Apply for Supplemental S-DVI

  1. Submit the VA Form 29-0188 (Application for Supplemental Service-Disabled Veterans – RH) Life Insurance; or send a request letter for this insurance.
  2. The Veteran must submit the form in a years’ time after receiving the S-DVI premium waiver from VA.