The Various Tire Brands Offered at Discount Tire

discount tire interior store

Discount Tire (America’s Tire in Oregon and in some parts of California and Washington) serves over 40 million customers in the whole of America.  It has established itself as the biggest self-sufficient tire and wheel retailer in the U.S. by abiding to its motto:  ”Be fair, be truthful, work hard, be there on time, and help people.”  Built by Bruce T. Halle, the company offers varied tire selections on their websites, or

The tire selection consists of the major leading brands like Goodyear, Yokohama, Michelin, Bridgestone, Pirelli, Kumho, GT Radial, Falken and Pirelli.  The company’s exclusive tire brands like Arizonian, Road Hugger, Fisk and Pathfinder also available...

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Jeep Models Ideal for Trektop NX Tops

trektop nx bestop

Trektop NX is one of the best tops in the auto market today, not all Jeep models are fitted for the Trektop NX soft top. If you own a particular Jeep, check first if Treaktop NX can be fitted for your Jeep.  Enumerated below are some of the Jeep models that can use the Trektop NX soft tops.

The Jeep Wrangler TJ 1997-2006 Series

The Jeep Wrangler TJ 1997-2006 Series is one of most commonly used models of Jeeps. It’s no wonder that this specific Jeep model can use the Trektop NX. The Wrangler TJ is the improved version of the YJ model and was not introduced to the market until the Spring of 1996. What makes this Jeep model better than its predecessor is that it has better ride and handling capabilities attributed to its coils-spring suspension...

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Augment Your Driving Comfort with Ergonomic Jeep Parts

jeep jk

Innovations in technology have made us even busier.   Some people welcome these improvements while others regard it as too much for taking life’s simple enjoyments.  However, these changes pose a better future for vehicle owners particularly to those who are so concerned on modernizing the external appeal or enhancing its performance.  It is also a welcome treat for Jeep adventurists who love to trail through rocky roads and rough terrains and sports buff.   Helping to augment their vehicle’s off road performance and exterior appeal are the numerous Jeep parts that are accessible through the Web.

Among the ergonomic parts that any Jeep owner can purchase online include:

Performance Chips or Accessories.  This consists of lift kits, nerf bars and mud tires that boost the driving ...

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Tires Are Key Parts to the Jeep

bf goodrich tires

An essential part to any automobile is the tires. They control the overall movement and direction of the vehicle. These products are not luxuries. They are necessities. For any Jeep owner, the choice of tires to affix to their vehicle is crucial. Throughout the world, there are Jeep automotive stores that supply quality Jeep Tires that provide great performance and dynamic style for its customers to choose from. Jeep enhancement often starts with the tires.

Baja ATZ Radial Tire

This tire provides the added dimension of a hybrid design. It has the qualities of mud terrain and all-terrain tires, providing the grip needed for weekend treks and the smooth and easy ride for comfort driving down the road...

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Headlights and Its Uses: Practicing Safety on the Road

truck lite led headlight at night

When driving, it is important that you practice safety. This is especially true for truck drivers, as they have limited visibility, especially during the night. Therefore, it is a must for them to install a headlight that can give them more visibility during nighttime. Truck Lite, one of the leading providers of truck products worldwide, offers a great solution for these truck drivers: Truck Lite LED headlights.

LED headlight is very useful if you are traveling within the city. With this installed, you can ensure the safety of your goods, as well as yourself and the other people around you, as the bright light being emitted by the headlight can guide your way. Unlike other headlights which only cover a small area in front of you, the Truck Lite LED headlight covers a wide area...

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How to Apply for Veterans’ Mortgage Life Insurance

Life insurance benefit extended to US Veterans and Service members are varied.  In the case of a severely impaired Veteran, his family need not worry about their home mortgage when he dies because of the Veterans’ Mortgage Life Insurance (VMLI).   A mortgage protection insurance, the VMLI is accessible to Veterans and Service members who have service-related disabilities.

VMLI Eligibility

  1. The Veteran is a recipient of the Specially Adapted Housing (SAH) grant to construct, renovate or buy a house;
  2. He has a house entitlement; and
  3. He has a mortgage on the house.
  4. The Veteran can apply for Veterans’ Mortgage Life Insurance before he turns 70 years old.


Advantages of Veterans’ Mortgage Life Insurance 

A mortgage life insurance of up to $200,000 is provided by VMLI and is payable to...

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Service-Disabled Veterans Insurance for Veterans with Service-Related Disability


US Veterans who had an existing disability obtained while in service can have a life insurance benefit known as the Service-Disabled Veterans Insurance (S-DVI).

In order for the Veteran to be eligible for the S-DVI, he must meet the subsequent conditions:

  • has a VA-granted service-related disability although assessed at 0%;
  • has applied in two years’ time from the date of notification from VA on the new service-related disability; and
  • in good health in spite of the service-related disability.

A Veteran who was granted an individual non-employability because of an earlier-assessed condition or an existing service-related disability cannot apply for S-DVI.

All S-DVI policies have a $10,000 maximum face amount.

Veterans can also apply for added Supplemental Insurance Coverage with the foll...

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The Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance

The Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance is one of the Life Insurance Benefits given to US Veterans by the US Department of Affairs.   It is a low-cost group term life insurance scheme that can be extended up to two years for a totally impaired servicemember.

The maximum SGLI coverage is automatically issued once the veteran is found to be eligible.  The veteran is also routinely enrolled if he qualifies for SGLI.  The servicemember is allowed to modify his SGLI coverage such as choose a minimal amount of coverage, reject the coverage, assign beneficiaries, etc.


To be automatically enrolled to a permanent SGLI, the veteran must be:

  • an active Air Force, Army, Marines, Navy or Coast Guard duty member;
  • a US military academy cadet or midshipman;
  • a U.S...
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US Veterans and the Affordable Care Act from the VA Office

After having served their country in times of war and other threats to the country’s peace, US Veterans are not left on their own to settle issues regarding their health.  The Department of Veterans Office has the biggest integrated health care scheme that includes more than 1,700 hospitals, clinics, local living centers, care homes, readjustment or remending counseling centers and other health facilities.

Vet Center

Providing health care is one of the many benefits that is extended to US veterans by the VA Office.  The Affordable Care Act is the health care law that was made to maximize veterans’ access to coverage, enhance the quality of health care and care management and regulate the costs of health care.  It does not affect the health benefits and out-of-pocket expenses of veterans.

No ...

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Native American Direct Loan: A Home Loan Offered to US Veterans

One of the home loans a US Veteran can apply for is the Native American Direct Loan (NADL).  Qualified Native American Veterans are provided financial assistance by this program to buy, construct or renovate home on Federal Trust Land.  It also cuts down the interest rate on this kind of VA loan.

Home Loans

NADL Requirements

  • Applicant must be a qualified Native American Veteran with available entitlement.
  • A tribal group or other suitable Native American organizations that participate in the direct loan VA program and have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with the Secretary of VA.  The agreement must stipulate the circumstances under which the program will work on its trust lands.
  • The load is intended to buy, build or renovate a home on a Native American trust land...
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